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 How to License the Use of Our Underwater Digital Video Stock

PLEASE NOTE: The fullscreen TV, broadcast quality SD digital video footage offered for licensing on this web site was shot on a Sony VX-2100 (3 chip) camcorder; it has been compressed and downsized in order to create the smaller file sizes needed for video streaming on the web. Footage that you license will be fullscreen TV, uncompressed, broadcast-quality SD digital video, and will be provided to you on an original, master mini-DV tape (without our trademarks or watermarks). National Geographic TV is one of the companies which has licensed and used our video.

This fullscreen TV, broadcast quality SD video is guaranteed to be up-convertable by your HD TV or HD DVD player (producing better than SD quality video footage when viewed even on large HD TV screens--i.e., our footage was tested on a 42" HD TV).

 First, view available footage Click here to go to a listing of our current video catalogs. Email us and we will post the catalog you're interested in online (for you to download).

 Or, Request a MiniDV screener tape (created with the specific footage you've selected from one of our catalogs). If you choose to have us assemble this tape, our charge is $150 per one hour of video footage (includes cost of 2 day UPS ground delivery). Please note that this MiniDV screener tape will include our trademark and/or watermark. Email or call us with your request for a screener tape; we will call you back within 24 hours. Payment is in advance (by PayPal only); credit cards accepted.

 Then, Select Footage, Sign License & Provide Payment. Once you've identified the specific footage you want, and explain your intended use, we will fax or email you our licensing agreement. This agreement will be developed for your particular use. Once a signed copy of the license and payment are received, you will be sent broadcast quality digital video footage on a MiniDV master tape.

 Other Licensing Information
All licenses provide a non-exclusive right to the use of our footage, in perpetuity, for a specific production.

In special circumstances, we will consider the sale (for exclusive use, in perpetuity) of our digital video stock. Please inquire. Email  or call us with your request.

  Digital Video Footage Rates ($ Per Second)  [Updated 1/1/2009]

Licensee Type

B-Roll Quality

High Quality

Superior HD Quality*

Small Non-profit or Small Environmental Organization (U.S. and/or Worldwide)



up to $450

Corporate, U.S. Distribution



up to $600

Corporate, Worldwide Distribution



up to $750


The complete contents of this web site, including all files containing photos,  video footage or graphics, are owned by Mark Schacht and Green Divers Productions (located in Albany, CA, USA). Unauthorized use of any of this material is prohibited by U.S. copyright laws and related international laws and treaties. Except as expressly provided below, or as authorized by Green Divers Productions, these materials may not be downloaded, transmitted, copied, displayed, published, uploaded, posted, or distributed in any way, without our permission.  For purposes of evaluating whether you wish to license the use of digital video footage on this web site, or whether you wish to have us develop an individualized DVD of your favorite past dives on Lanai, Maui or the Fiji islands, an individual may download one copy of these materials on a single computer only for your personal, internal use. You may not use any of these materials for any unlicensed commercial purpose, or for any other public display, web site, performance or transmission, or for sale or rental use. You may not modify, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble photos or digital video materials contained on this web site, or alter them by removing our copyright notices or trademarks.