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 View Some of Our Underwater Digital Video Stock

Mark Schacht shot this broadcast quality Standard Digital (SD) footage on a Sony VX-2100 (3 chip) camcorder on about 60 scuba dives off the islands of Lanai and Maui between 2005-2007, and on 14 scuba dives off the island of Taveuni and in Beqa Lagoon in Fiji in late 2006. The footage from the Solomon Islands (2008) was shot in HD. He edited this footage in Apple's Final Cut Studio and used Windows-based compression software to package the best of this footage into six separate "master screener catalog files" suitable for web viewing on PCs. Each file contains dozens of clips of reef and pelagic fish, hard and soft corals, and fantastic underwater caverns, lava tubes, lava archways, and lava ridges, both with and without divers.  

To simplify your viewing, selection and licensing of individual footage, each clip has a catalog number. To explore the footage, just click on one of the individual sample clips listed under each master file. For optimum viewing: 1) first, upgrade your PC media player to the most current software version; and 2) second, do NOT view full screen (which greatly degrades video quality).

The conversion of this SD footage into Windows PC-based viewable media results in an unavoidable, but noticeable, darkening of some of the images. [This darkening effect does NOT occur when SD footage is converted into Apple's QuickTime movie format; let us know if you want to view footage in that format.]  PLEASE NOTE: The footage that you license will be broadcast-quality SD or HD video, and will be provided to you on an original master mini-DV tape with no trademarks or watermarks.

 Fiji Catalog #1  <Fiji Islands: Soft Coral Capital of the World  [15 Minutes long - 213 MB file ] >

Fiji Catalog #1 / Individual Video Clip No. F-06-1 "Divers traverse the Great White Wall"

F-06-2 "Lionfish spins around small cave entrance"

F-06-3 "School of blue stripe fusiliers roam the reef"

F-06-4 "White tip reef sharks and barracudas"

F-06-5 "The colorful Clark's anemonefish"

F-06-6 "Drift diving the 'Blue' Wall"

F-06-7 "Blue ribbon eel hunting"

F-06-8  "Clown triggerfish at Rainbow's End "

F-06-9  "Small grouper feigns an attack on a large lion fish"

F-06-10  "Titan triggerfish looking for a meal at Amy's Bommie "

F-06-11  "Napoleon wrasse in the midst of a school of yellow tail fusiliers "

F-06-12  "Clark's anemone fish darts in and out of anemone"

F-06-13  "View from below of pair of divers cruising the reef "

F-06-14  "Pair of tomato anemone fish in bulb-tentacle anemone "

F-06-15  "Large napoleon wrasse heads for cleaning station on reef "

F-06-17  "Leaf scorpionfish (white variation) on coral reef"

F-06-18  "Hard and soft corals at the Zoo"

F-06-19  "Diver approaches wreck in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-20  "In and around the Beqa Lagoon wreck, with divers"

F-06-21  "7 Sisters in Beqa Lagoon: divers & reef"

F-06-22  "School of blue stripe and yellow tail fusiliers on the reef in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-23  "Teeming fish on the reef in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-24  "Hard and soft corals populate a reef in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-25  "Divers swim away from huge coral-encrutsted pinnacle in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-26  "Schooling bannerfish near soft coral plateau"

F-06-27  "Brilliant red soft coral with hundreds of damselfish"

F-06-28  "Lion fish, hunting on face of pinnacle, heads for cover"

F-06-29  "Clown triggerfish with two moorish idols"

F-06-30  "Glorious soft coral waving in current, near massive gorgonian"

F-06-31  "Damselfish in the hard coral in a stiff current"

F-06-32  "Sleek unicornfish hiding in plain sight"

F-06-33  "Mass aggregation of bannerfish, yellow tail fusiliers and sleek unicornfish"

F-06-34  "The essence of the rich, profuse soft coral and fish life on the reefs of Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-35  "More exquisite sort coral and fish life on the reefs in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-36  "Pair of tomato anemonefish in bulb-tentacle anemone (just like Nemo)"

F-06-37  "Large octopus swimming, hiding on the reef in Beqa Lagoon"

F-06-38  "Large octopus changing color, shape on the reef in Beqa Lagoon"

 Hawaii Catalog #1  <Lanai & Maui Caverns, Lava Tubes, Archways and other Lava Formations Only; No divers [11 Minutes long - 71 MB file ] >

Hawaii Catalog #1 / Individual Clip No. 1-C1-6  "Stained glass" effect in First Cathedral

1-C1-7  Large jack passes before the "stained glass" effect

1-C1-13  White tip reef shark cruises interior of First Cathedral

1-C2-1  Pan of interior of Second Cathedral

1-LH-10  Large swim through archway on Lanai

1-LH-5  Two Lanai lava tubes

  Hawaii Catalog #2  <Major Lanai Caverns, with divers and reef life, including sharks, jacks, eels, endemic fish species  [11 Min - 151 MB file ] >

Hawaii Catalog #2 / Individual Clip No. 2-6  Divers explore First Cathedral

2-18  Divers enter main chamber of Second Cathedral

2-34  Five large jacks hunt on the upper reef

2-38  Sleek unicorn fish changes color when cleaned by wrasse

2-45   Javanese eel spars with racoon butterfly fish

2-50  Racoon butterfly fish swarm on the reef

 Hawaii Catalog #3  <Lanai Lava Tubes & Archways, with divers and reef life, including sharks, endemic fish species [ 12 Min - 128 MB file ] >

Hawaii Catalog #3 / Individual Clip No. 3-1  Divers entering "cenote-like" lava formation

3-7  Divers traverse 100 ft. long lava tube

3-11  Large gray snapper hunts for dinner

3-18  White tip shark exits lava tube

3-40  Swarming pennant butterfly fish

3-44  Divers in Paradise

 Hawaii Catalog #4  <Lanai Underwater Pinnacles & Structures, with divers, reef life, and endemic fish species [13 min - 149 MB file] >

Hawaii Catalog #4 / Individual Clip No. 4-4  Divers navigate along a massive pinnacle

4-8  Rare longnose hawkfish in black coral tree

4-11  Elkhorn corals on flank of pinnacle

4-17  Green sea turtle returning to the reef

4-30  Close-ups of green sea turtle

4-53  2 large jacks hunt octopus on the reef

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 Solomon Islands Catalog #1  <Under Construction...HD Video shot in the Florida, Russell and Guadalcanal Islands [ __Minutes long - __ MB file ] >



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